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A travel diary/blog and personal site guide of our wanders around Europe and more.

Our touring has taken us to numerous countries throughout Europe and as a result we have taken hundreds of photographs plotting our wanderings and ensuring our memories last forever.

The Tour Section shows all the places we have stopped during our European travels with details of the site details, coordinates etc, along with a selected number of photographs showing the site or area.

Tour Maps Each of our tours of Europe are available to view as interactive Google Maps which can be downloaded but sadly not pinned to your fridge. The 5 European Legs have taken us as far as Nordkapp and as far south as Gibraltar. Follow this link and enjoy

Gallery Section Click on any of the flags below and reveal a selected few of our images from that country, or click on the “Stage” links and discover where we have been.

We also have a YouTube Page showing a number of videos from our many wanderings around Europe and even some from the UK. Our YouTube Channel

The addition of the Search Tool allows you to narrow down your selection by Country and Location

Our Blogs are available and can be found by either clicking in the “Our Blog” link at the top of the page or by following this link

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