Life on the Road

Stage II-6

Trundlebus Travels ~ Stage II
Travels around Europe
Dates: 31 October 2017 – 11 April 2018
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Carboneras El Rancho:
10€ a night for a fully serviced pitch surrounded by mountains and only 2kms from the sea, apparently. It’s clean tidy and friendly. As they say more to follow

GPS: 37.003629, -1.911474
Date: 6 January 2018

El Rancho
An Aire so they tell us for 8€ a night, it gets cheaper the longer you stay, bread service in the morning and the warden comes round for the money. You have the choice of with or with out electric in a large flat carpark. Services are up a steep ramp and you pay 1€ for 100 litres of fresh water. Beach and walks are within 200m and the town is about 1km.Site now permanently closed

GPS: 36.707985, -2.809155
Date: 8 January 2018

Pedros Parking Place
Parking Caravana AMG. A very secure Aire at a motorhome dealers. 10€ a night is inclusive and free WiFi. Parking is a tad tight and we only just managed to get a spot. Hopefully the weather will pick up and the sunshine will return before long.

GPS: 36.723858, -4.139957
Date: 9 January 2018

La Línea de la Concepción:
Puerto Alcaidesa Marina. Well no guessing where we are tonight. A very secure marina within walking distance of Gibraltar and a Morrisons. Going tomorrow to stock up on stuff we can’t get in foreign supermarkets. Take ticket from machine at entrance and pay at machine near exit. Services are located along the back fence towards the marina.

GPS: 36.155676, -5.354271
Date: 11 January 2018

La Línea de la Concepción
Sancti Petri la Barrosa:
It’s rain so we thought we would head to the beach, as one does. Turns out it was a good choice as we are currently the only fools here apart from a few wind surfers and the odd yacht bobbing about in the harbour. Oh and it’s free, no facilities but once the rain stops it might be a nice spot. Local Police regularly patrol.

GPS: 36.388930, -6.207025
Date: 13 January 2018

Sancti Petri la Barrosa
Autocaravanas Hidalgo:
A secure aire at a motorhome dealers and accessory shop on the outskirts of Sevilla. Guard on site so everything is safe, not sure Cesar is going to like it as the security man has a large dog and the gate is shut at night.

GPS: 37.328644, -5.805483
Date: 15 January 2018

Autocaravanas Hidalgo
Update: Call me an old stick in the mud but I’m not overly fond of guard dogs peeing over my wheels and sitting outside the habitation door scratching trying to get it. Yup we moved, upped stickers at about 11 last night and found a safer spot to park for the night at Marchena. Ah well such are the joys of Spain.

GPS: 37.329088, -5.423850
Date: 15 January 2018

Puerto Gelves:
Parking for the night to do some washing and charge stuff up in a very secure marina. It’s a tad expensive but after last nights episode it’s well worth it. Use intercom to Call Reception from the gate for access.

GPS: 37.339320, -6.024078
Date: 16 January 2018

Puerto Gelves
A free Aire on the Spanish Portuguese border up in the mountains. We tried the Algarve and couldn’t get out of there quick enough, our knotted hankies and string vests clashed with the majority of the “campers”. Not our cup of tea.

GPS: 37.475032, -7.474941
Date: 17 January 2018

Valverde del Camino:
Well here we are in Spain again. Encountered the Portuguese toll system, didn’t understand it and it wouldn’t accept our cards so we have headed back over the border to a normalised sense of chaos. Shame as it looked like a nice country the little bit we did manage to see.

GPS: 37.581275, -6.751687
Date: 18 January 2018

Valverde del Camino