Life on the Road

Stage II-4

Trundlebus Travels ~ Stage II
Travels around Europe
Dates: 31 October 2017 – 11 April 2018
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Yet another free Aire, sadly no services so was a good job we filled etc before we got here. It’s quiet simple and rural with plenty of fresh air and walks for Cesar over the next couple of days. Area is packed with history for canal buffs

GPS: 43.352447, 1.823651
Date: 6 Dec 201

After a long and eventful day we finally settled on a free Aire in Montagnac down near Beziers. Tried an Aire in Carcassonne but unfortunately couldn’t get in as someone had thoughtfully blocked the entrance with their car, shame as it looked like a good spot for the night if not a couple of days. Next we tried Narbonne, lovely city but shame about the Aire, it was heaving even at this time of year and sadly no room at the inn.

GPS: 43.475135, 3.491383
Date: 8 Dec 2017

La Couvertoirade:
Templars giving something away for nothing you can’t beat it. Mind you even paying €3 a night between March 15 and November 11 it is still worth it. The citadel is well worth a visit and gives you an insight into how it would have been in the 12th century when the Templars used to stop here on the way to the Holy Lands. No services but water available behind toilet in lower carpark, pay at machine prior to exit.

GPS: 43.910020, 3.312598
Date: 9 Dec 2017

La Couvertoirade
Another free Aire provided by the good people of Remoulins. Parking is free and there is plenty to visit in the area so well worth the effort. Unfortunately the borne is the other side of the bridge, ah well you can’t have everything can you.

GPS: 43.938106, 4.558355
Date: 10 Dec 2017

Well we came for water and decided to stop for s couple of days. The Aire is just outside of the village near a fishing lake and within a stones throw of the Rhone. Cycling along the river is very pleasant with plenty to see. Only drawback we can see is it prone to flooding if the river burst its banks. Jetons for the borne are available from several outlets in town.

GPS: 43.857764, 4.626275
Date: 12 Dec 2017

Despite being a mountain top and very rural Aire they trip up is worth it even if only for the view. Payment, which is collected, includes parking and services. Caution, risk of grounding on exit from Aire, best to turn right into village and find somewhere to turn back. Services available

GPS: 43.555150, 3.299036
Date: 15 Dec 2017

A free Aire on the edge of town, you could say the dead centre as we are next to a cemetery, with services, local commerce is 500m away and there are places to take the dog for a walk down by the lake.

GPS: 43.568506, 2.012094
Date: 16 Dec 2017

€4 a night get you a spot amongst the olive trees down in the Corbières town of Lagrasse. Plenty to see and go in the area if you like the odd spot of culture, an abbey and its gardens. The drive to get here was something else, think Cheddar Gorge but just that tad bigger and more impressive, it’s a good job there are lots of bends in the road otherwise you would miss some fantastic views

GPS: 43.092980, 2.620571
Date: 17 Dec 2017

Peyriac de Mer:
Our home for a couple of days while we gather our thoughts and decide where to head for the festive season. Nice and relaxing and just what we need. BC required for entry at Pay Post, service included. Water requires a male adapter!

GPS: 43.092465, 2.962618
Date: 18 Dec 2017

Port Vendres:
Well the weather has finally caught up with us down on the Mediterrainian Coast and the high winds have descended, still mustn’t grumble it’s still 12 degrees despite the wind. Stopping here for a few days then heading south to warmer climes, it’s a hard life this traveling but we do it so you don’t have to.

GPS: 42.517783, 3.113668
Date: 20 Dec 2017