Life on the Road

Stage II-3

Trundlebus Travels ~ Stage II
Travels around Europe
Dates: 31 October 2017 – 11 April 2018
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What a find!! A cracking free Aire provided by the commune. Merci bien. Surrounded by nature and a field for Cesar to run around and let off some steam. Even a quiet lane to get some cycling in and loosen up those tired legs.

GPS: 45.894190, 0.386401
Date: 22 Nov 2017

Saint Romain la Virvee:
Yet another example of a community coming together and providing hospitality to passing strangers. A free Aire and services and surrounded by Bordeaux vines, what more could you want. Exit can be a little tricky for longer vehicles, risk of grounding.

GPS: 44.963957, -0.401631
Date: 24 Nov 2017

Saint Romain la Virvee
Aubeterre sur Dronne:
A nice quiet aire for the night, another free spot and free services. Oh and a football match thrown in for our entertainment. Interesting village that is well worth the hike uphill and a peaceful river to take Cesar for a walk down

GPS: 45.26934 0.17586
Date: 25 Nov 2017

Aubeterre sur Dronne
Despite being a cite Aire it’s surprisingly quiet. A gentle walk into town along the river to see the attractions including the Cathedral and numerous shops. Well worth the stopover. Services are not available during the winter so make sure you fill up before you arrive.

GPS: 45.18770 0.73081
Date: 26 Nov 2017

We have decided to spend a couple of days exploring the area and found this wonderful Aire on the edge of town. €5 a night gets you all the services you could want and electricity to use at your hearts content. Lascaux caves are only 3kms away and the town itself is just delightful and well worth a wander around if you ever manage to find yourself here.

GPS: 45.067746, 1.164944
Date: 27 Nov 2017
Lascaux: 45.058266, 1.169604

A free Aire with no services provided by the good people of the community. The medieval town is well worth the visit and the walk down the path to the church, for the less active there is an incline railway. Imagine Diagon Alley meets Pilgrims and you wont go far wrong with Rocamadour. Several nice resteraunts in the vacinity and down in the town.

GPS: 44.800021, 1.615607
Date: 29 Nov 2017

Montreal du Gers:
A free Aire and services at the stade municipal. Parking slopes a bit but there are level spots if you can find them. A rugby field so here’s hoping they have a match on this weekend. Walled Citadal is great for a wander

GPS: 43.954096, 0.197218
Datee: 1 Dec 2017

Montreal du Gers

Aire de Camping-Cars des Corsaires. A very popular Aire near the Atlantic but sadly no view. Costs vary between €10 in the height of summer to free in the closed season. Biarritz is a couple of kilometres away and the sea is a 500m walk. Site is very slopping so blocks will be required. Access to the serices may require a few shunts.

GPS: 43.50696 -1.53373
Date: 3 Dec 2017

A welcome spot for the night after a very frustrating day. Tried Pau, don’t bother if you have anything bigger than a drawing of a MoHo it’s not worth it. Also tried a couple of rural ones in the area but they were all full. So another day of driving around getting nowhere fast. We eventually found this Aire which will do for the night if nothing else. Pizza available in the square. Services in the carpark

GPS: 43.189854, -0.209509
Date: 4 Dec 2017

Saint Martory:
€3 a night gets you a wonderful parking spot next to the river with services, what more could you want. There is even a baker directly opposite for fresh provision in the morning. The old village makes for an interesting walk around, new village is across the bridge

GPS: 43.141787, 0.928896
Date: 5 Dec 2017

Saint Martory